featured artists: Alex smoke in Thessaloniki next Saturday at shelter club

My motivation to write something for Alex Smoke is the event that will take place in Thessaloniki at shelter club next Saturday. Alex smoke , the Scottish techno dj and producer now based in London , since 2005 counts many good releases ,remixes , 3 studio albums such as the incommunicado (2005) and Paradolia (2006), on soma records and “Lux” (2010) on his own label Hum+Haw. In fact Im impatiently waiting to meet this guy next week , actually I ll try to organize an interview with him and write back something more. If you live close to Thessaloniki , I guess to attend this event is required. I will definitely write  my comments , evaluating this night. You can check a masterpiece of Alex smoke bellow , definitely an epic track. More info about Alex smoke at shelter you can check on facebook here.


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