Upcoming events of the week:


Saturday 19th of March

at XOYO: Wagon Christ LP launch,Debruit(live) & Ceephax(live)


Saturday 19th of March

at Mint Club:Jimmy Edgar & Fred P


Friday 18th of March

Leisure System.11 & Dial Naucht at Berghain/Panorama Bar: Jimmy Edgar,Machine Drum,Lone Tanith,Barker & nd_baumecker

Jack ist Fertig @ Suicide Circus with Blake Baxter and Tyree Cooper

The whole weekend @ Landsberger Allee :  8 years of Restrealität with enormous unmentionable Line-Up



Wednesday 16th of March

at Rex Club: Chris Clark,Battles & Jon Hopkins


Saturday 19th of March

at : Alex Smoke(live)

– Athens

the new hospital event at SIX DOGS

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