announcement: shituationist institute upcoming events and new future spring plans

Shituationist institute is moving forward. New plans , new ideas , new motivation and inspiration. We already count few successful events in Athens and Thessaloniki , with many guests as well as  djs from our local dynamics in Athens , Berlin and Thessaloniki. The music style of the previous events fluctuated between techno and tech house mobilizing many of our friends in those cities. Spring is definitely the right moment to develop and escalate our involvement with electronic music from now on. A new event of the shituationist institute  will take place in Nicosia , the largest city and capital of Cyprus.

Considering important to give something new to the local scene there as well as establishing new contacts for our network , we organize a dubstep/drum n bass event with a guest dj from berlin , fancypunk resident on this blog and a local drum n bass dj. Our plan is to start organizing a diversity of events in many particular sites of Europe , with always keeping in mind and focus to the needs and inspiration of the various  local scenes. We call every person , collective who wants to get in touch and organize something with us to send us a message. new style , new design , more powerful content

At our last meeting (two of us) with a lot of drinks and nice conversations we have decided to change a bit our style and reconsider our concept. We will post an announcement soon as well as you will easily notice the changes and the new upgraded layout.




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