Party Review : Tyree Cooper & Blake Baxter @ Suicide Circus, Berlin

Because we had allready seen Blake Baxter twice at Suicide Circus  and always enjoyed his sets and the Club very much as you could read in the earlier reviews, we decided to go to see the Prince of Techno again this Friday. This time together with the Prince of Hip HouseTyree Cooper and the Killekill-Resident Dj-Flush, who is known for his hard oldschool techno sets.

After an nice housy warm-up  set by Jochen Otto , Tyree Cooper started playing at about 2.00.  Starting with some old Jackhouse-Classics, he was moving on from House to Disco and Techno- Classics, but somehow without any concept in his mix and with hard problems in syncing his timecode-records, which was one the reasons why we  didnt enjoy his set very much.  An other reasons was,  that he was constantly putting down the music for shouting out, that he is  the House-legend Tyree Cooper,  which as i suppose everybody knew allready. But he got my sympathy by non-stop rolling and smoking big Joints, which may could be a reason for playing such an confused set 😉                                                                                 At 4.00  it was time for Blake Baxter to start. As always he was playing an awesome set on 4 decks, combining  rare acid-house classis with some progressive and jacking stuff, creating an sweat-coursing, energetic atmosphere. The only thing I personally didnt like was, that he dropped an strange swing-techno track in the middle of his set, which really didnt fit and was unsettling the audience a little bit.                                                                                                                            After Blake Baxter Dj Flush started to play at about 6.30, but for my taste he was  a little bit to hard, so we decided that its time to go home, after listening to his set for about 2hours..

All in all, I have to admit, that I allready experienced better partys at the Suicide Circus and especially Tyree Cooper was disappointing me, because I would have expected him to be way better, but maybe it just wasnt his day or he wasnt in the best mood.

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