BLOC Weekend review

This review took a while to get online and that’s because it took me a while to absorb what took place at the Bloc weekend. With an incredible line up that featured the ‘crème de la crème’ of electronic music Bloc festival celebrated its fifth year of existence gathering thousands of audiophiles from all over Europe. There were five stages hosting music ranging from techno to electronica via breakcore and dubstep. The RFID (Recursive Function Immersive Dome) definitely caught my attention with its cerebral visual projections, and that’s before we even get to the amazing line up that included Luke Vibert, Ed DMX, Ceephax Acid Crew, and my surprise highlight Global Goon whose mix of Acid Techno and atmospheric basslines sent the crowd wild.

Some of my favorite acts were on on Friday which unfortunately I missed. Ben Klock was on & apparently even though he was supersick(as in having a flu kind of sick)he managed to put together a supersick set too! Amongst others who played were LFO,Ancient Methods,Silent Servant,Modeselektor,Apparat & Shackleton. Moving on to Saturday around 2:00am I decided to go check Aphex Twin like 90% of the people attending the festival. I came across an endless queue that made it impossible for me to enter,  but  again being at a festival as massive as Bloc I could only keep partying so I made my way towards RED:BLOC stage were Jimmy Edgar was giving an electro disco funk performance which was awesome! Venetian Snares followed around 3:00 am with intense stuff! After that decided to go back to my temporary home to chill..Even though I’m not a TV person I totally enjoyed Bloc TV’s cult oddities such as ‘Executive Koala’, ‘My impossible kid’ ,interviews & footage from the festival’s previews years. The time was 6:00 am & that meant only one thing..Legowelt! His Electro/Techno set was truly amazing & I just hope he could play in the Uk more often!

Overall I was left with the best impressions & I’d surely go back next year where Bloc’s taking place again at Butlins Minehead on 16-18 of March 2012.

…Maybe I didn’t get to see Aphex Twin’s live this time, but I’ll never forget bumping into a guy in the middle of the night while looking for a cheese knife….that guy was Aphex Twin himself!! 😀

4 thoughts on “BLOC Weekend review

  1. well ..i might come with you next year..!
    sounds like a nice party and…temporary homes??
    avant guard organisation..
    like it, and the videos very good

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