Mr. Ebs, Retrotation, Ioqe – Parting Ways EP

Today we would like to present you the Parting Ways EP by  Ioqe and Mr.Ebs from Berlin and Retrotation from Easton, Pennsylvania.                                       The three guys found each other via Soundcloud and soon started collaborating. On this way they created this EP, based on the idea of composing one melody out of that each of them produces one  track .                                                                    Ioques versions starts with an very long piano-intro,  reminding me in  James Blake´s Klavierwerke EP and takes it development into an very harmonic, bass-heavy track .                                                                                                                                Mr.Ebs has created a more hip-hop based version  with  wobbling-basses and heavy drops,  some  scratching  and vocal samples.                                                               The version by Retrotation is rather dubby and gets into the fields of downtempo music with lots of strings  and modulations and creates very chilled atmosphere .                                                                                                                                           You can download the EP for free from Soundcloud or use this link for direct download.

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