upcoming events of the week:


Wednesday the 6th:

Love Techno Hate Germany at ://about blank with: Torsun aka Nick      Rave (egotronic/audiolith),  Sûr.Con.Flex (unsigned),  Silva Rymd (://about  blank/electricdress),  Diet Cong (sweatbox)

Thursday the 7th:

Noisekölln presents: Under Fire is Born Label Launch at  Loophole with:  Joris J,  Additiv,  Spectre Circuits, A Blue Stork is Born By a  Moonlight Tower,  Jaike (the history of colour tv),  Desmond n Lunar Goon  (Strange Forces)

Friday the 8th:

Snork Enterprises at Suicide Circus, with:                                                                  suicide floor: Phil Kieran (cocoon, snork enterprises) – live – , Syntax Error             – live-  (snork enterprises) , Die Bomclikks (snork enterprises)                                    suicide lounge: Farbig, Rebecca Rotlicht

Saturday the 9th:

Get Deep at ://about blank with: Manuel Tur, Langenberg, Alex.Do, DJ      Smooth, DJ Xing, Flamea, Nano

Klubnacht at Berghain with: Sandwell District, Marcell Dettmann, Function, Luke Slater, Tama Sumo, Loko Dice and many more

Jazzsteppa Record Release Party at Chez Jacki with:                                            Mr.Boogie, Mackjiggah, Phil Barbee, Valtino 45 and Jazzsteppa

Monday the 11th:

Montech at SO36 with: Funkenström, Magnum38 feat. MZ  Sunday Luv, A.  Friedrich

Tuesday the 12th:

Dienstagswelt at MIKZ – Unoiki Label Showcase with: Dr. Nojoke, J-Lab,  Storlon, Andrés Marcus, Christian Epple, Dean Rodell, The Sect, Current Value


Thursday the 7th:

2001: A Space Odyssey Live at Southbank Centre – Royal Festival  Hall: Screening of Stanley Kubrick´s  masterpiece with live music by the    Philharmonia Orchestra

Friday the 8th:

Pantha Du Prince & Apparat at Queen Elizabeth Hall with: Walls aka  Sam Willis, Alessio Natalizia, Pantha du Prince,  Apparat

Saturday the 9th:

Phonica vs Aus Music at Corsica Studios with:  Pepe Bradock , Levon  Vincent, Pearson Sound / Ramadanman (House Set), Will Saul, Midland,
Phonica DJs

Black Atlantic present Instra:mental Album Launch at The Citipost Building with:  Instra:mental, DJ Stingray, Kassem Mosse, D-Bridge


Friday the 8th:

Heidi presents The Jackathon at Culture Hall with:  Dj T. ,  Dan  Ghenacia, Heidi

Saturday the 9th:

All Night Long at Chez Moune with: Dj Kaos

Sunday the 10th:

We Love Vagabundos at Académie Fratellini with:        Luciano, Moodymann, Frivolous (live), DOP (live), Sety


Friday the 8th:

Anarchy In The Club! at Goa-Club with: Shackleton – live – , Dj Red

Saturday the 9th:

Nove Aprile Caffeine at Akab with: Kotelett & Zadak,  Matthew  Perth, Gianluca Pichierri vs Genny Effe

Athens & Thessaloniki

Friday the 8th:

BPitch Control Label Night at 6 D.O.G.S. , Athens with: Ellen Allien,  Mr. Statik, Pan

Saturday the 9th:

Mr.Statik at Shelter, Thessaloniki with: Alex Tsiridis,  Karreta, Jon Loq,  Mr. Statik

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