Athens in Spring! a brief update

Many times on this blog , I ve mentioned how brilliant Athens is during Spring time. Last weekend was again a blast , walking at the city center , drinking beers on the street , getting wasted and visiting the alternative bars and techno venues of the city.

My long weekend in Athens started early on Wednesday at Gazi , a fabulous electro party was taking place there (swing bar). Swing was really packed , reminding me how awesome Athens is in Spring. Last Friday at six dogs , Ellen alien was on decks and a free dubstep/drum n bass party was taking place at the university of fine arts as well. On Saturday a little event organized by supporters and shituationists near syntagma square afterwards we have visited  Biomusik who was playing a great set at Astron bar. This is how my long weekend in Athens looked like. Next weeks I will keep posting news , dj sets and reports from the greek Metropolis , celebrating my return to the city after few months traveling in the country again , remaining in a precarious shituation.

Athens is different than the last years. It seems that arts and culture in the age of financial crisis are increasingly growing. A diversity of art events, exhibitions, street parties , self organization and creativity replaced somehow the misserable environment of the last years. It seems that a new generation with fresh ideas is already contributing. Collectives and groups in Athens like Hospital , or other collectives and individuals are perfectly representing this generation. Excarhia neiborhood (if you know what it means) is dead.. the missery of the “pseudo-radical” cultural circles as well.  Currently it seems that a new strong network of people is catching up with older structures. Therefore we will keep our focus of organizing events , parties and beyond the hedonist ground the next months.

We have already some potential of a short shituationist film and plans for open discussions concerning contemporary electronic music and culture. This process as usual remains something open , if you live or visit Athens just contact us.. As I previously wrote look forward for news from us soon.


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