Last friday in Athens .. party report from School of fine arts

Last Friday a brilliant party took place at the school of fine arts in a wooden old building somewhere in the backyard. Accidentaly many of us gathered there for a real shituationist reunion in Athens. As far as I informed drumcell and some others who the next day were playing in berlin , were invited in a very exceptional event in the greek Metropolis. Literally that party was one of the best I ever been in Athens so far , at least for the last 10 years. The vibe and the party enviroment was excellent apart from the traditional problems of the greek techno scene , such as the very bad sound and other difficulties.

It seems that a  new techno  community is rising in Athens again , the people of this party were simply amazing. The party closed at 11 in the morning , reminding us the good days and dancefloors of Berlin or other popular techno scenes of North Europe. At the beginning i was not very excited because of the very bad sound but after staying a while in the dancefloor i realised that finally someone in this city is organizing a real techno crap instead of a fancy tech house thing  , which is very popular currently in Greece and elsewhere. Personally Im expecting more events like last friday , the next time Im planning to be better organized in order to report properly. A special thanks to the organizers and the nice people of that party.

2 thoughts on “Last friday in Athens .. party report from School of fine arts

  1. thanks for the great event guys.. you re welcome to send us your announcements anytime 😉

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