Electronic awakening by Andrew Johner

Electronic awakening is a documentary concerning electronic music culture made by an “outsider” Andrew Johner. I found it on globalraver blog and I suppose its interesting for you to watch. It seems that a handful of new people put some efforts to reflect , in my opinion successfully on dance music contemporary counter culture. I really enjoyed this documentary made by an “outsider”.


4 thoughts on “Electronic awakening by Andrew Johner

  1. such esoteric uebercrap on our blog. shame on you fancypunk…

    i vote for deletion of this reactionary dumbness.

  2. Wow…

    …”esoteric uebercrap”, “reactionary dumbness”, “stupidity”

    Here’s four quotes to match your three dr0fn0thing:

    Thanks for your POST, allows me to realize how much stronger we need to push forward.

    Julian Reyes / Producer

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