We Love: Wireblock Records

Since Noone else uploaded or recommended any free download this week , Im posting a link  in my opinion with one of the best   kinda post dubstep podcasts online via http://www.xlr8r.com . (check also the description bellow)

The playlist is very awesome with many artists listed as our favorites such as Rustie and others. Take a look at xlr8r.com which is definitely one of the best blogs , recommended recently by a friend. Xlr8r focuses in current waves of dance music. It’s series of podcasts is the most fresh sounding of all podcasts i have came across, and definitely one of the most pleasant ways of keeping up to date with anything happening now in the fast evolving world of electronic music.

For the final installment of our Labels We Love podcast series, we head to Glasgow, Scotland. The city has a reputation for gloomy weather, but you’d never know it from the crunked-up glitch rave turned out by the Wireblock Records gang. The label, which we recently profiled in greater detail, is home to artists like Rustie and Hudson Mohawke and is headed up by brothers Neil (a.k.a. Nelson) and Calum (a.k.a.Spencer) Morton, along with Dress2Sweat’s Jack Revill. Here, the Morton brothers have teamed up to put together a genre-hopping, bass-heavy mix that’s simply bursting with tunes, including plenty of unreleased goodies. Keen-eyed trainspotters might also notice that a few of the new tracks are credited to Numbers, the long-running club night spearheaded by the Wireblock gang in conjunction with a number of Glasgow’s finest party starters.

direct download link mp3 

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