featured artists : Armando Gallop

Armando Gallup , 15 years after his death of leukemia in 1996 , remains one of the topest artists in electronic music history. Armando is definitely one of those most important early contributors to the acid house and electronic music development.

The afro Cuban(origins) dj and producer lived in Chicago US. Chicago one of the American metropolis, where house music was emergent  in the 90s. Armando Gallop can easily considered as one of the most influential artists of Chicago as well as within  the history of electronic music . He counts a number of good tracks(singles) , often defined as “killers” , furthermore  some of them became big hits both in the US and UK such as the “151” and “land of Confusion”. Armando together with Mike Dunn were also the founders of  warehouse and musique records in 1988 , two well-known labels to the people who followed or were part of the acid house movement in the late 80s , certainly responsible for the genre’s development.

Instead of production Armando rather focused on djing especially the years 92-94 at Chicago’s warehouse. Armando released only one full-length album , the legendary “one world one future” in 1996 on play it again Sam records ,  actually few months before his death. Currently some of his fans and the community people in Chicago are putting   efforts to keep Armando’s memory in public consciousness as well as save his recordings which many of them Im afraid are already lost. You can read an extend article concerning the life and music of Armando by Terry Matthew for 5 magazine of Chicago . “5” is magazine concerning house music with recent updates (February 2011) from his life , creativity years , his recordings etc.

Even if Armando is dead , hopefully his music  will remain alive. Basically many people still think that his music is inspiring , few months ago for instance I was at a party and suddenly I recognized that  the dj was playing couple of his tracks together with Jeff mills and so on. Some of those tracks you can find bellow this brief presentation article dedicated in the memory of a legend , the legend called Armando Gallop.

151 ( probably one of the best acid house tracks ever made)

Land of Confusion (acid house-Label-Westbrook Records catalog#:AG – WB 4 format vinyl 12″ US 1988 mixed by Armando Gallop)

From the album ONE WORLD ONE FUTURE on Radikal Fear 1996

the Future (1996)

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