Upcoming events of the week


Friday 29th of April

Saturday 30th of April

Sunday 1st of May


Sunday 1st of May


Thursday 28th of April

Benefit-Party for the Anti-Atom Movement in Germany @ Watergate : David Dorad (Bachstelzen/Bar25),  Dirty Doering (Bar25)
Hypnorex (Sportbrigade Sparwasser, Frankfurt/Oder), Britta Arnold (Bar25)
Mollono.Bass *live ( Acker / Ostwind / Kombinat100), Polly Phone (Schwarzweiss Musik), Sebo & Madmotormiquel (Bachstelzen),
Soukie & Windish (Hi Freaks!, Hamburg), Weissbier Blitzkrieg *live

Friday 29th of April

The Year We Where @ About Blank: ( 24+ hours) Stella – live,Terry Poison – live, Ades Zabel – live show, Alex.DoAndi de Luxe, Anja Zaube
Artemis, Basscadet, Duke Raoul, Farbig, Final_Girl, Futura Allstar DJs
Get Deep Allstar DJs, -Iaac- , JessamineJohannes VogelJohn Dear
Juliago, Love Techno Hate Germany-Crew. Markus Redux, Michael Nadjé
MoritzMr.Ties, Peer.se, Philbarbee, Qiu, Razemat, ResomRicardo Esposito
Spule Bywerkt.i.A ,Tristen

Saturday the 30th of April

Sunday the 1st of May

Monday 2nd of May

Montech @ SO36 : THE MARX TRUKKER (dreiton) – live,  DJ FLUSH (killekill), DJ MORI (japan/suicide circus)

Tuesday 3rd of May 


Friday 29th of April

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