special mix editions 020 : Kid A – the new edition

release date: May 7th 2011 download link

01.) No Regular Play – Owe me (Nicolas Jaar Mix)
02.) Federleicht – On The Streets (Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s Let Freedom Ring Remix)
03.) Marc Rhomboy & Stephan Bodzin – Callisto (Joris Voorn Remix)
04.) Soundexile – Child of Revolution (Dousk Remix)
05.) D.Carbone – Rules (Dandi & Ugo Remix)
06.) Guy J – Heliscope (Egbert Remix)
07.) Marc Rhomboy & Stephan Bodzin – Phobos (PanPot Remix)
08.) Sasha Carassi – Hexagon
09.) Indepth – Lunar Park (Original Mix)
10.) Microtrauma – Aktin

A musician/DJ originally from Texas Alexander Nicholas (Kid A) relocated to Athens Greece in 2008 and has been working the local scene since. Nicholas’ Musical foundations lie in the roots music that he grew up listening to his grammy award winning father perform and for several years he followed suit.

As a DJ he started playing just two and a half years ago learning how to mix with a handful of second hand records in his living room until landing gigs at downtown Athens venues Almodobar, Persona and MyBar and eventually a residency at the underground techno hotspot Astron Bar.

As a DJ and as a dedicated electronic music lover for over a decade Nicholas showcases music that he feels is the best representation of any given genre from any given time, basically if it’s good it’s good. As for other aspects of his work he believes there to be more to it than just the quality of tracks used in a set.

Embodying the attitude of substance over face value Nicholas says he doesn’t believe in the recent popularization of DJ’ing as an image and the move away from more analogue methods of mixing: “DJ’ing for me has always been about technique and a skill set learned only through hours, months or years of work with a set of turntables and a mixer. having a computer mix songs for you is not DJ’ing for me, it’s taking the easy way out. The Performance aspect of DJ’ing should be the responsibility of the DJ not a computer, otherwise whats the point of having the human element involved at all?”

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