Upcoming Events


21.5. (until 22nd late) ://about blank club

DRUM’N’BASS FLOOR: Bad Matter [Audiomassive] Feindsoul [Sidechain music] Pileup [neuro.tech.team/ d.i.y. conspiracy] S.T.H. [X-Tractor] MC DubLN [Intransigent Recordings]
DUBSTEP & BREAKCORE FLOOR: Classless Kulla & Istari Lasterfahrer [Sozialistischer Plattenbau] Bambam Babylon Bajasch [Basspräsidium Records] Distortured [Oumygawd + Rkns/Biggerdubz] Neurosis Orchestra [Sprengstoff Records/Sozialistischer Plattenbau] Sleepwaker [Standards/Wobble/Hawdboiled]
Video- & Soundinstallations: ObsKubus [Fantomton]
TECHNO SUNDAY: Alx P. vs. George Slydex [Hospital Athens] Bastian Kurzweil [Dienstagswelt] B. Wurst vs. Schlendrian Klimperbeat [A.K.N.E./S.I. Berlin] Eftechr [Slow techno] Neulich Irgendwo [Kleinstadtmusik] Ruin Gebirk [S.I. Berlin], Wesenberg * live *




Kid A and Giles Leon: Highly recommended by shituationist institute the event of facebook here

– Thessaloniki

ART is hard 2011 May 20th Friday

A contemporary art festival in Thessaloniki more info at http://www.artishard.gr/en/index.html 

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