record reviews: robot for brains – The Hard Way

With no doubt , you remember the interview of Robot for brains with MNanotek on this blog a few months ago. Today we focus again on robot for brains , presenting his EP “the hard way” as well as offering a link to download it for free.

Hard way ep is a selection of robot for brains tracks released on swischotheque. All tracks written, recorded, mixed & mastered by Gareth Cox from 07′ to 09′ using both hardware and software. Additional Mastering by Sven at ‘Borglab’.

All the tracks of this EP are beautiful. That acid sound inside this releaseΒ  is totally a blast especially the “this is life” and “Rfb acid”. I still cant decide which track is my favorite , i love them both. “This is life” is totally a “k hole” πŸ˜› and “Rfb acid” is simply a track you wanna keep on repeat mode. After listening to this EP , I rather think that we should keep the connection with the sound of the past and transform it in a progressive way. This EP is a good example of what I would like to listen , find and present on this blog future term.

The remixes by Thornton Force and Nightcrawlers are awesome as well. I think you should download this EP. highly recommended

download link

5 thoughts on “record reviews: robot for brains – The Hard Way

  1. I’m glad u chose 1 of my latest fave acid sounds to review/recommend Fancypunk!To those who enjoy RFB he’ll b playing in London on the 28th at star of bethnal green! πŸ˜‰

  2. It’s more likely that I’ll have a report from DOPPLEREFFEKT!as for that we will see my friend.. πŸ™‚

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