Afrilounge – Lux Dementia (2007)

This is a release I wanted  to review for a long time. I would like to apologize because for a long time and in a regular basis , Im reviewing rather older releases. I consider totally necessary to write few lines for this incredible release which remains one of the favorite deep house releases for many of my friends. Afrilounge – Lux Dementia [cns019-6] (2007) is a digital release by Connaisseur ,  out at december 2007 including two tracks the “lux dementia and gene”. If you like radio then you know the tracks for sure , the same if you are part of the “berliner  clubbing community”. Deep sounds and rythmic mellodic tunes are the basic feature of this release , remaining recommended for any house dj in particular. Highly recommended also for your music library. I dont know if you can find this on vinyl , if any of our readers know please post a link bellow.


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