Party report: Dopplereffekt Live in London

Last Friday I arrived at XOYO for Dopplereffekt’s long awaited live performance in London. Surprisingly the event wasn’t sold out as I expected it to be. It started getting busy around 12:00 & it was obvious that people were there solidly just to see Dopplereffekt. Not sure who the dj before them was but he was spinning some decent electro records which I surely enjoyed.The mysterious masked duo from Detroit got on stage at 1:00 & for the next hour filled XOYO with ethereal, hypnotic synth melodies that could easily provide the perfect soundtrack to a sci fi movie. They played some unrealized stuff & tunes from their album Calabi Yau Space (Rephlex 2007), but unfortunately didn’t hear them playing anything from their classic album Gesamtkunstwerk(International Deejay Gigolo Records 1999). The video projections were just perfect as one would expect, featuring mathematical equations, space landscapes, satellites & other stylish futuristic elements. Ten  minutes before the end of their set  they started building it up with  more upbeat sounds, so for me their live didn’t escalate quite right & therefore  felt that I needed at least another 30 minutes of them on stage. I noticed that quite a few people felt the same way. Nonetheless, I consider myself lucky to have seen one of their rare live appearances.

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