ION – The last days of spring EP


Message to the listener:

The three tracks included in The Last Days Of Spring EP were recorded during the spring of 2011. The essential reason for these recordings was the internal situation of the city where I live, where a constant concern seemed frozen on people’s faces. Where any excitement ever existed in search of happiness, seemed now to be fast disintegrating into a panting decay of a mechanical life. At the same time, some gatherings with fellow artists and comrades musicians played some role. Meetings in a small and more “closed” studio city, factories of clandestine dreams, where people live and work for a love that knows nothing about time and a revolution that never ends. One of them I knew since the beginning of the 90’s, even before Los Angeles and New York kept him away from Athens for several years. Our paths met again, when six years ago, photography and journalism brought us back together. When I asked Freddie F. to collaborate with me, he accepted gladly, so he worked on the spoken delirium of Low Land, and from there it appeared to make a collaboration that in the future will breed more clandestine dreams. Equally important were these field recordings, which I made at Syntagma Square during the first peaceful assembly on May 25th. Digital audio files that found their way through an RE-201 Space-Echo machine and finally placed in the last two tracks of this EP. ION – The Last Days of Spring EP 01. Theme For An Occupied City 02. Low Land (ft. Freddie F.) 03. At The Bottom Of It All Giannis Papaioannou: Words, computers, tapes and analogue machines Freddie F.: Voice and voice fx Aggeliki Vrettou: Cover artwork Ilias Katelanos: Mastering

you can download the EP for free by the blog of Ion here

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