Shit Pitcher – Pitchtuationistic

Here´s a little mix I´ve prepared, pitching up & down trough the fields of Noise, Trip-Hop, Techno, Dubstep and a Stoners Jam Session. All tracks can be downloaded for free from Soundcloud and got released just a few days ago.


Tronwin Sonar – Plazma

Studio Mecha Mec – Feelix Tha Heelix (DJ Gang-Gar. Remix)

Tristan Fogel – Reflectivity

Soul Sensor – Wall

When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

Dj Psihi – Lux Aeterna Scientia

Mr. Bit Crusha – Call Me Mista

Type D – Hey Bulldog Attempts

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