upcoming events


 Levee Club, 17th of June

Lineup: Affaire Zweifuss [elektrofreaks] …http://soundcloud.com/zweifuss – Bastian Kurzweil [dienstagswelt] http://soundcloud.com/bastiankurzweil – B.Wurst & S.Klimperbeat [akne/si-berlin] http://soundcloud.com/bruhwurst  http://soundcloud.com/schlendrian_klimperbeat – Dr.Nojoke [archipel, unoiki *live* http://soundcloud.com/dr-nojoke – Funkenstrøm [symbiont-music] *live* http://soundcloud.com/funkenstrom – Manuela Mayoral [fatal family] http://soundcloud.com/manuelamayoral – Marx Trukker [dreiton] *live* http://soundcloud.com/the-marx-trukker – Neulich Irgendwo [kleinstadtmusik] http://soundcloud.com/neulich-irgendwo – Wesenberg *live* http://soundcloud.com/wesenberg

Visual art by: Andy Warwhore [fbrk43], B. Müller, DAM Busse [fbrk43], Maria Konstantines Araka [si-milano/athens] http://www.mariakonstantinesaraka.com, O.Wellenstein [a.k.n.e.], Ruin Gebirk [si-berlin] http://www.flickr.com/photos/gebirk, Totalumbau



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