tonight in berlin:

some last minute recommendations:


monochrome’s ISS impro/survival show is still in the city. I saw it yesterday and it was really great (the astronauts went on strike, the jewish part of groundcontrol made the necessary historic references, and the special fungus finally left its cage), I had seen the first 4 shows on vimeo, but live totally beats it. you still can go there tonight and tomorrow.  20:00 Ballhaus Ost.


and also tonight, Krachtigall at K9, first a reading of Schernikau texts and then party. see the info here.

reading 20:00

party 23:00, lineup:

Anja Zaube (Avant­gar­de­book­ing)
Mon Groo­ve (ex­qui­sit-​ber­lin)
H3l­met (Krach­ti­gall // Track­ord rec.)
Phil­lipp Steng­lin (Krach­ti­gall)


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