Interview : Mr.Feathers

Q1.Could you tell us something about yourself and your debut album ‘Galactic Trinity’?

I am Mr.Feathers Hero of Planet Earth. When you look into my eyes you will smile, you will forget you were angry, or sad, worried, or in pain. I do not know what the future holds for Planet Earth. All I do know is that if you don’t work hard at what you like you may never achieve your goals. It takes a special person to let you know about their internal thoughts. If you miss it when they tell you, you may never know that what is they are asking. Take notice that what they’ve actually asked is if they could be your friend. That is Galactic Trinity, Triangle Earth, and all who believe in us. We have left symbols, sounds, colors, numbers, pictures…we have made sure nothing was left behind. All the magic is there for you to experience once we are.

 Q2.Do you work on your own? What collaborations do you participate in?

Yes, I do a lot of my work on my own. I’ve always asked Otto what he thinks just like everyone else does. I was really hesitant about putting out Galactic Trinity. It was a really long time before he convinced me that I should put out something. I began collecting ideas and it was completed within a couple of months.

 Q3.What equipment do you use/what is your favorite piece of equipment?

I use a laptop. I have six or seven laptops and a couple computers. I like gathering sounds on my newest toy, an ipod touch.

Q4.What is a typical day in Miami for Mr. Feathers like?

I go to sleep pretty early when I can. I really like to get most of my work out of the way from 4 am to like 5pm. At 4am I wake up and check emails. 5am I’m checking Facebook and Twitter. 6am breakfast is a cup of coffee my wife makes for me every single day of my life when I’m not on tour. My second breakfast is usually white bread (toast with jelly) and a glass of water at 7am. I have been on a health tip lately and now eat wheat bread. I make music and gather samples all day. I eat lunch at 11am and I’m back on the grind till 4pm where I head over to pick up my wife at 5pm. We drive home I eat dinner at 5:30 and I give the events page a quick review to see what’s going on that night. If I have a show that night I go straight to bed and wake up around 10 pm otherwise I stick to the routine.

 Q5.Which was your favorite city to play in, in your recent European   tour with Otto Von Schirach? Any highlights?

Everywhere I go Otto goes and everywhere he goes I go. We see through each other’s eyes. It’s a spiritual life cycle we maintain in total secrecy.

Q6.Recently you played alongside the legendary Kool Keith. What was this experience like for you?

Kool Keith is on a different vortex, just like us. He and his crew are super friendly and very talented. There are many people and groups we (Otto Von Schirach, Mr.Feathers, and David Tamargo aka Alligator Jesus) still have to play with. Our closest associates who have played with us and still participate with us are (The Notorious Nassie and Tri Bit) Otto has Triangle Aliens who play with him onstage all over the world. I personally would like to play with Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica who are on my top 10,000 list. We have played with the greats and will continue to play for as long as we are of sound body and mind.

 Q7.What/who is hot in the Miami music scene at the moment & what is the Miami crowd like compared to the European?

  Wow, that’s a really good question. The only way I can answer that is by asking if there are any two like humans on this earth? We are all different; we all have our ups and downs. I love playing anywhere I feel love and energy. I have been lucky that it has been everywhere. Who is hot right now in Miami, it fluctuates so fast from weekend to weekend. I think Juan Basshead has been pretty hot for a while now in Miami. Animal Krackers is pretty hot too, both in the dubstep scene. The dance pop scene here is wicked. Lots of acts play at many of the clubs in the downtown area of Miami. The electronic music scene like raves and stuff like that are very seldom and are greatly appreciated when they do come by. They get huge crowds and great feedback. My friends at SOS throw huge parties here in Miami and they are monster promoters that do well, just like Ultra Music Festival. The Punk and Indie Rock scene is pretty big too; you just have to be at the right place at the right time. When the second Saturday of the month rolls around people throw detailed parties to attract the after art walk people to come to the events. This takes place in Wynwood, an area that is growing in Miami by the second. Wynwood and Downtown Miami are red hot right now as far as Galleries and Clubs. We have people coming in from California who have revamped a section of our downtown to shoot their movie, and it looks really outrageous.

 Q8.Which artists have influenced you the most over the years?

I love sound in general. My greatest influence in all honesty comes from Movies. I go to the movies very often to hear new sounds more than I do to see the actual movie. Yes, people like Otto, Snares, Aphex, Romulo and Joshua, Richard Devine, Dino, and many more. I often don’t get too influenced by what I hear, you can tell by the way my music sounds. I don’t stick to the music pattern. Two weeks ago I was in love with Detroit Ghettotech and now I’m in love with dance pop tunes. I very a whole lot, just like my teacher.

Q9.Any artists that you’d like to collaborate with?

I could probably work with anyone in the world because I know so many people, but I’d rather not do that right now, because of how much work I’m dealing with. The Otto Von Schirach Industry is not for everyone, it’s very hard work. Not too many people get to see the inner work that goes on behind the scene. When he goes into action his brain goes to port whole dimension eight. It’s mentioned in many of his songs.

 Q10.What are your next gigs and where can we preview your works online?

My upcoming gigs very so much, you would have to check with me on facebook at Armando Von Feathers I have a wordpress that you can look around in and that is Facebook is probably the fastest place but you can check My work can be found digitally everywhere under Mr.Feathers that’s me . The album is called Galactic Trinity. The label is called Triangle Earth.

 Q11. Any plans for the future you want to announce here?

I have taken my time in answering these questions, because the future is a very peaceful place. Our greatest and most intelligent sound is silence. To find out what we are doing in the present all you have to do is find us on facebook for now. Emails will take way too long because of the high demand in knowledge from others. What I can say is that we thank all of you for being with us. We have much more than five senses.

Thank You MNanotek.

 Thank you all the best & beyond!!

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