free downloads: Sloth EP by Dysphemic

This is the new EP (released at 22nd of June 2011) of our Australian friend -Dysphemic ,  a release which I was waiting for some time now. Dubstep-drum n bass-hip hop-glitchhop rythms and vocals are the main feature on this EP , like the previous dysphemic releases indeed. In my opinion the new EP is probably the best one so far , containing 3 tracks ( sloth , begging for more and tunnel vision). Sloth , the first track of this EP , with no doubt , it represents the sound of dysphemic  as we know it from the previous tracks and releases. The second track “begging for more” in collaboration with Heinz and the “tunnel vision” with Miss ELisa on the  amazing vocals and violin (perhaps my favorite track on this release) gives a taste of what we have to expect on the long awaited classical remix album ,  soon to be dropping late 2011.

You can download the new dysphemic EP , in any format you like here 

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