Fusion festival (short note) and a video from the last year

Fusion is a large alternative music Festival in Germany. It takes place in an old Soviet military base at Larz . This year fusion took place from 30th of June till yesterday. The motto of the festival is holiday communism , the area is huge with more than 12 stages of electronic music and beyond.

It is possible to have a mini report from the festival the next days by the friends who joined this year .

The tickets were sold out very early , i bet many of you were searching for a ticket at the last minute. People who never got there before , below there is a video in two parts to get an impression from one of our favorite festivals. Personaly I joined fusion twice, you can read my report/older critique from 2009  or  by drofnothing from the last year. Every comment from this year’s fusion is welcome,  the same though with reports , videos etc.. 

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