towards a summer break , notes from our new little paradise

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As you can easily understand from the slide show , this year some of us , we have explored a new location that we could make our little private shituationist parties. Accidentally this year, i was traveling in some particular areas in southern Peloponnese.

Suddenly a good friend (party partner) called me,  her holiday was a disaster somewhere in west of Peloponnese. Apparently It was easy to meet but we didn’t know  where we should go.

After traveling around , in couple of particular locations , such as villages on the mountains and free camping at the southest part of Peloponnese , we found the perfect place to stay for 10 days. A huge – beautiful beach 18klm from Gythio (a popular touristic destination).

We found a very little house surrounded by trees directly on the beach. The only little problem was the electricity. Dubstep was the soundtrack of the beach?, a little party started in a daily basis with cocktails and beer. Others joined us (some locals) and we had a perfect holiday 😀 .

some other updates from our annual summer break

As far as I know,  few other contributors of this blog and shituationists 😛 join Ozora festival this year (wait for our annual report afterwards). At the moment and after 3 days of hitch hiking , I am in Montpelier (France) , a beautiful city of the french south directly near the Spanish border. Techno community and parties here , seems to be tempting. Some people here say that free party scene as well as dubstep and drum n bass circles are definitely influential.

Im already planning a shituationist institute event here. I am contacting the various venues of the city already. 😀 wait my updates and news soon.

have a great summer

note: Fancypunk

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