reports from 2- 7 August Ozora 2011

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by individualusername

This years Ozora was one of the best festivals I´ve experienced so far. It´s an magical place full of peace, love and unity inhabited by about 50.000 friendly hippie-people. Its surrounded by beautiful nature and huge hemp fields and also the festival area itself offers a wonderful landscape. What I really appreciated at Ozora, is that the festival  gives you a lot possibilities to enjoy your time there with different activities like yoga-, meditation-, or crafting-workshops or other hippie-stuff, which I´ve spend most of my time with, because I actually dont like goa-music 🙂 Therefore I  can´t write a lot about the music, except that the main-stage was always fast,loud,hard and crowded and the chill-stage was offering a large variety of dub-music, ambient, techno and world-music.

report by Jen pixie
One of the biggest and most popular psychedelic tribal gatherings, set place in the magical landscapes of Ozora, Hungary, yet again for the 12th year in a row.
Unfortunatly my friends and I didn’t make it to the first 2 days, due to the fact that we were at another festival in Greece right before it. 4rth of August, at around 3-4 in the morning, we finally arrived at the festival, having driven over a time of 2 days(making stops of course) to get there from Athens by car. Getting there we found out there were aprox.30000 people attending this year, so luckily we got there at night and didn’t have to wait for 4 hours at the ticket line(as some people i spoke with had to do)…we rushed in,parked, and left straight to the main stage, where Penta the Russian psytrance producer was about to go up on decks.
The atmosphere in the stage was mind boggling, so many people dancing to the music poudning away,many dressed up in all sorts of handmade costumes,fairies, elfs,pirates, aliens, a guy in a banana suite running all around, glitter,bubbles, blow up blastic animals everywhere, big hats big glasses, shiny happy party people all around!  Amazing fluo decor coverring the main dancefloor area…lights and lazers, flickering over the trees and people dancing all around the hills and fields surrounding the main stage. Right behind the dancefloor, a huge bon fire was lit, with many people keeping warm and dancing around it. Nonstop music every day…except for a few hours break in the afternoons, when most people of the main stage moved over to the chill out stage: an amazing wooden mushroom/dome shaped construction lit up with different light patterns every night, where dub,ambient,chill out music were played all day and all night… The first day, there was quite a lot of progressive trance played, making it not so “chill”. Great sounds, possitive vibes, beautiful people. MAking it also a really great sleeping area. Great musicians, such as OTT, Eat Static, H.U.V.A Network,Kaya project, Younger Brother Sound system,Prometheus and so many more filled this air with magical sounds and happy vibes. Between the main stage and the chill out stage as always, there was a long path full of shops, chai stands, people with vans cooking and serving all sorts of foods from all over the world.
At night people put on fire shows, fire works were set off and Chinese lanters were set off into the sky. Quite a production! Basically, it seems like over the years the “O.Z.O.R.A. family” keeps growing bigger. more and more people attending, more shops and stands gathering, more people selling handmade jewelery/clothes, more djs. It’s not only a music festival anymore. Also having a “magic garden” , basically a space of yoga tents, all sorts of workshops, music lessons, activities…it’s become sort of a small village in a way of the “O.Z.O.R.A. tribe”…making it a meeting point for people from all over the world to gather every August. Massive combination of music and arts. Gathering people of all sorts and styles. From hippy types ,modern day “shamans”,  to “warrior princes and princesses” , many people of the techno cummunity, of all ages…all dancing together in harmony. Smiles everywhere. quite delightful in our day and age, to be surrounded by thousands of happy hyper people! Many other festivals playing darker trance usually tend to have another vibe to them. O.Z.O.R.A. which mainly plays more progressive sounds and airy-fairy ambient tunes seems to just make people feel totally free and happy all day long 🙂

4 thoughts on “reports from 2- 7 August Ozora 2011

  1. yeah , you must come Fancypunk! you will LOVE it! trust me 😉 the chill out aerea had quite a lot of techno and tunes you’de enjoy i must say . xxxxx

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