Review : L.A. Williams @ Acid ist Fertig

Last Friday it was time again for the (almost legendary) Acid ist Fertig Party at Suicide Circus in Berlin. This time among others, there where L.A. Williams, one of the inventors of House-Music from Chicago and our beloved Marx Trukker, one of the Shituatonist Institute´s favourite artists in Berlin playing.

After a quite bumpy warm-up set by Maciej Szalonek from the Futura-crew, L.A. Williams started to play at about 4.00 in the morning. It was really nice to see and hear him mixing and I think I´ve never seen a DJ before, who was controlling and acting with the crowd, like he did. He was selecting an nice mixture of some old acid tracks and pure peak-time techno, cheering up the dancers by creating tension with putting down the music sometimes, screaming and doing wild scratching. He also was throwing most of his vinyls directly into the audience, which was another thing I´ve never seen before. Unfortunately L.A. Williams was playing at the same time as The Marx Trukker, who was doing an unbelievable Live-Set in the garden of Suicide Circus, while the sun was getting up. So I always had to switch between the floors, to check out both of them least a little bit.

After The Marx Trukker, I danced a little bit to the nice set of DJ Flush, who was playing more housy then I expected him to do and later went home very happy and very tired 🙂     All in all it was an very nice party  especially as I didn´t enjoy the last Acid ist Fertig Party with Tyree Cooper and Blake Baxter that much, this time it was really great again.

You can check out on interview with The Marx Trukker, we had some time ago here and listen to the recording of the Live-Set he played  below:

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