featured artists and a brief review on Ion – Low Land (ft. Freddie F.)

You may remember the text with a recent discussion between me and drofnothing concerning the urban art and electronic music subculture in Athens , Berlin and beyond. I constantly keep reading the blog of Ion , one of the artists i mentioned in that debate as a good reference as well as the remaining inspiration for the contemporary electronic dance music scene in Athens.

While I was discussing with a French friend of mine , found the music interesting and the video rather boring and repetitive. Apparently someone could agree with that point of view , especially those people who have not any idea what Athenian electronic scene is.

The sound of Ion which is included to the video reminds me a great past of the city with loads of good releases and artists ,  therefore in my opinion it deserves a closer glimpse. The video was directed by Aggeliki vrettou , the main act , the voice on the video is freddie f and at the words , camera and the music comes from Giannis Papaioannou aka Ion . The video originally was posted at no camera blog here

2 thoughts on “featured artists and a brief review on Ion – Low Land (ft. Freddie F.)

  1. i rather like the video too.. what i was trying to explain previously is that it totally represents Athens somehow … i miss that city anyways

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