featured artists: Derrick May

   Derrick may is part of the first generation of acid house/electronic music , rave producers and djs,  when the free parties movement was rising in  Europe and USA. He is probably one of the most remarkable producers of that age  till our days, therefore I will try to write few information concerning his history as well as publishing bellow some of his dancefloor killers who made under the name Rhythim Is Rhythim in the late 80 s also as mayday in the 90s. 

  May born in Michigan/Belleville , went to the high school with Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson commonly known as the belleville 3. May is credited with developing the futuristic variation on house music that would be dubbed techno by Atkins.In fact May’s career oficially started with the release of a record called “Nude Photo” (co-written by Thomas Barnett) , which was absolutely a great motivation for the Detroit music scene.

 Derrick May counts loads of good releases , most of them still shake the dancefloors around the world. He was releasing his stuff under the pseudonym , (as we also mentioned before) rhythim is rhythim and mayday in the late 80s , beginning of the 90s. Actually you can find many of his tracks available online. 

As Rhythim is Rhythim or Rythim Is Rythim

  • “Nude Photo”, 1987
  • “Strings Of Life”, 1987
  • “It Is What It Is”, 1988
  • “Beyond The Dance”, 1989
  • “The Beginning”, 1990
  • “Icon” / “Kao-tic Harmony”, 1991

As Mayday

  • “Sinister” / “Wiggin”, 1988

As Derrick May

  • Derrick May: Innovator, 1996
  • Derrick May: Mayday Mix, 1997

Next weeks , I will try through this blog to list/archive  some of those infuential artists of the acid house history and why not an article for the whole music scene that time. Actually it seems that the majority of the blogs and electronic music journals today are focusing on the contemporary scene , ignoring all of those great stuff of the past years of electronic music.


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