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Friday 23 of September

Saturday 24th of September


Friday 23th of September

Saturday the 24th of September


and an announcement for


Syntek goes Forward to the Underground!

Underground Techno is here!

Syntek is a Project born in Athens Greece.
Surrounded with experienced people who are whilling to give a unique sence in Techno!
Our idea is the continuation of music and the upgoing feeling in each Techno event!
Presenting Artists that are hot at this time we will work hard for TECHNO cause……..

This Friday 23/09/2011 Syntek presents its Grand opening event at 7Sins club at exarhia city

A night full with Techno sounds by :

      Antoni Bios

Antoni Bios lives in Athens Greece. He is producing electronic music since 1999 and he moved through different genres like (Psychedelic, Techno Trance, Electro House, Progressive House).
In 2001 he went to study Sound Engineering at IEK DELTA to understand better all the things about music and sound!
And then he started to play in very important clubs like: OXA, Xces, Umatic, Loft, Loop38, Oxygen, Hackers, Technopolis, EDO Athens Club.

In summer of 2009 he becomes resident Dj at ”Technoland Athens” and his first appearance was at the first 3 ”TECHNOLAND Projects”. He played with very Important djs like: Spektre, Dj Rush, Speedy J, Marko Nastic, Marko Milosavljevic, Uto Karem, Carlo Zita, Fabrizio Pettorelli, Federico Milani, Alfonso Forte and soon with many more famous djs and producers.
Antoni Bios has Support from : The Advent, Tom Hades, Dave Seaman, Spektre, Phunk Investigation, Ahmet Sendil, Minor Dott, Spartaque, Alex D’Elia & Nihil Young, Fabrizio Pettorelli, NHB, Alfonso Forte, Fictionizer, Gummy J & Daniele Crocenzi, Phuture Traxx, Autistic, Angy Kore, Pietro Dema, Christian Cambas, Andrea Giuliani and Lucca Rossetti, Danielle Petronelli and many more!
He is also involved in the ”Union”. Union is a concept born in 2011 in order to join forces of major label owners and italian / europewide and worldwide producers in the context of Techno and Tech-House.

Also he has remixed tracks for producers like Angy Kore, Gymmy-j & Daniele Crocenzi, Fabrizio Pettorelli, Phunk Investigation, Fictionizer, Morphic Wave, Lorenzo D’Ianni, Gabriel D’or, Mattias Fridell, Alfonso Forte, Danielle Petronelli, Aquabeat, Bugged and he also collaborates with other labels like: Finetool, Mystica, iBZ, Dub, Unofficial, Underscore, Pool 8, Bulldozer, Frequenza, Audio Elite, Sisma, Kraft, Evolution, Speca, Percent, Substudio, Bosphorus Underground, No Logic, Diva, Dogma, Tight Lipped, Clubstream Green, Ebony Red Records, Sonar, Mafia Records and more!


Dimitri better known as Fusky is one of the rising talents Greek Techno
scene has to offer. His first release went out on September 2010 but already signed with respected Techno labels like Slapp Jaxx, Teggno and Italobussiness to name a few and got supported by artists like Adam Jay, Angel Alanis, Spiros Kaloumenos, The Advent,DAVE the Drummer and many more.

Along with Antoni and fusky :

                                   Dodd Blacksmith

           Dodd Blacksmith can understand what you want the right moment and the right time!His unique mixing style allows you to understand what Techno is all about!

 Evans Minimalend  

Resident dj of UME PRODUCTIONS

the “MINIMALAND”show
20:00pm-22:00pm (GMT+2)


Twintec with his dark massive sounds will make you move and destroy the dancefloor!


Gelt is an upcoming dj in Techno music and has a lot to give!
With his inspiring techno mix ability has a lot more to give to the club people!

   Entrance : Free

 Adress       : 

7 Sins Club
Themistokleous & Gamveta 5 Kanigos Square
Athens, Greece

C U  all on the Dancefloor.  

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