Planet bass EP by Abuv

by Abuv The Planet Bass EP  album coverPeople who follow my posts on this blog for sometime , apparently now that I usually dont really like the hard basslines  on drum n bass , rather prefer mellodic stuff , but this release more or less is an exception. Already many of you commended that the hard bassline of the 4 tracks at this EP , could be awesome on the dancefloor. Therefore I decided to make this short post presenting this new release by Fully Submerged Records  available for download at . Planet bass EP , 4 tracks full of hard breaks by a new? artist? abuv… Obviously I dont know much about the artist if any of you know anything please shoot a comment bellow and support the artist. An audio preview of the tracks (silenced , bang bang , astro core , my own home)  in this EP here

One thought on “Planet bass EP by Abuv

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