Upcoming Events


Thursday the 29th

Not Welcome – Soliparty @ B-Lage,Neukölln

Benefit event for the Anti-Pope Demonstrations last Week with:

Florian AKA Elke Breitschneider http://breitschneider.blogspot.com/

t.i.A. http://www.facebook.com/DiskotiA

Friday the 30th

Klangwirkstoff Records – Ambient Record Release Party @ Ritter Butzke

The Cosmic Octave, Shaman Sounds and the Magic of Quantum Music

Speeches: Dr. phil. Christian Rätsch, Hans Cousto & Barnim Schultze 

Live: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, Don Shtone, Devas, Akasha Project
Djs: A.R. Funkhauser, Devas, Motobash, Mary Jane, Tanith, Hypnorex, Florian Breitschneider, Sven Dohse

Psychic Floor: A tribute to Coil (Videos)

Specials: Original Spacebar, Infotheke: Klangwirkstoff Records, Planetware & Nachtschatten Verlag, Mexican Food

Big Ambient Floor, Psychic Video Floor & 2 Techno Dance Floors

Saturday the 1th

Hessle Audio Labelnight @ Horst Krzbrg

Sunday the 2th

In loving memorie of Gil Scott Heron @ Festsaal Kreuzberg

Monday the 3rd

Antinationaler Festakt @ ://about blank

Tuesday the 4th

Dienstagswelt – Varianz Labelnight @ MIKZ


Saturday the 1th

Emergent presents: Drumcell @ 6 D.O.G.S.


Thursday the 29th

Robert Owens and Friends @ Dalston Superstore

Friday the 30th 

Bass Junkie vs Dexorcist,Boris Divider,Truss @ The horse and groom

Jimmy Edgar and Actress @ The Camp

Plaid (DJ-Set) @ The Star of Kings

Saturday the 1th

Rustie @ XOYO

Afro Acid’s ‘Sanctified Beats’ @ East Village

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