The Prague connection EP by Metalheadz


A new EP by Metalheadz has released last September , including 4 tracks .The tracks are a new collaboration of Rido and Hybris.
The EP sounds familliar to those who like and follow the releases by Metalheadz recently , at least I guess so.

The first track of the EP is  “focus by rido” , fast breaks and definitely a very good studio production, the same for the second track by “Rido & Hybris  called the first contact”.  The third track , which is my favorite of this EP called “please exist by Hybris”  is rather more mellodic and good track for the dancefloor , reminding me loads of great past tunes. The last track  by  Rido together with Hybris named “memento” is actually following the same concept  of the previous tracks , nothing really spectacular in the end.If you like to buy this EP , you may visit the website of

You can listen the tracks bellow starting from my favorite track in this EP




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