film review: everywhere and nowhere by Menhaj Huda

   Everywhere and nowhere is the new movie by Menhaj Huda a 44 years old film director originally from Bangladesh out in the cinemas at May 2011. I have discovered him recently by watching this movie as well as some previous ones such as the kidulthood. Actually i could easily say that I got impressed by both of the movies (kidulthood is a great movie for example) , the way Menhaj Huda is presenting   the daily life and  the criminalization of  young second generation immigrants in the UK.

His new film Everywhere and nowhere is also a drama  centered on a British Asian torn between honoring his family traditions and his love for DJing. It clearly shows the structures of the Indian concervative families , how  also associate with the outsiders of their tradition and the  accidental side of the world in general.

The story evolves with the passion of a young  British Indian for electronic music who decides to quit his studies in the college , following  his dream to become a dj and producer of drum n bass. Instead of associating only with people from his own culture soon He discovers the club scene of the UK , and getting involve with it. His family’s patriarchical environment is definitely hostile for his new interests and friends ,soon He is getting in a strong conflict with his father and mother and other members of his family.

Besides the fact of the Indian traditions and family structures , in this movie the  director shows a bit the music scene and party life in a usual weekend at the metropolis of London which is interesting more or less. The soundtrack of the movie is a rather pop dubstep tune (nothing really interesting)  including also remixes by various UK producers. If you dont have anything else to do a Monday night for example,  this film is tempting. Apparently it isnt the best film you ve  ever seen but its recommended , definitely better than many hollywood fims and by a very interesting director. You can find all the remixes of the main film track here:    and the main track bellow.

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