Featured Artist: interview with Ruby My Dear

exclusive interview with the French artist  Ruby My Dear for the shituationist institute:

Could you tell us something about yourself and your artistic background please.

My first music education was classical guitar and then bass guitar. But the school was very boring for me,  so I continued on my own and with friends, doing collaborations with drummers until my twenties. Then I went to to study sound in college and learned to work on pro tools. There i started to compose electronic music and the same time still played in a band, rock dub style. As I moved again I decided to have my own project. But in the future, I really want to play in a band again, i like this energy.

So at the moment you work on your own? Are there collaborations you participate in ?

I collaborated with Substance B for two free EPs: one release on PEEP record’s “Uncanny Valley” under the name of Doc Colibri and the other one appears on Pavillon36 record: “Agonistes Beta-2”. We choose this EP’s name because we are two asthmatics and agonistes beta 2 is a bronchodilators. Under the name of Doc Colibri I released an EP on Sociopath recordings and LoveLove Records and stopped to release in 2010. Under the Ruby My Dear ‘s name, I have releases on Illphabetik, Peace Off, Acroplane, Braincore and Reconstruction Productions. My remix of “Building steam with a grain of salt” was chosen by Dj Shadow to be featured in a remix album (you can listen to it on my soundcloud page).

Something you want to share about your local scene, some insights or recommendations?
Let me share these French electronic producers and bands: Cellscape, Substance B, Broken toy, Stazma, broken nvep, burglecut, skuge, falcon, klitorix, Larsp, Pierro the moon, Plukx, Sec, Sam Pleater, syndrom…
What equipment do you use, what is your work process?

I use protools and reason in rewire. I start track with a melody or a sample and try to construct something around it . I use a lot of samples of other styles to try to have something with mixed influence. In most of my tracks there is more than 16 audiotracks and 4 aux channels.

What are your next gigs and where can we preview your works online?

My next gig is in London at Bang Face the 14th of October, after that in Poland (Bydgoszcz) with Duran Duran Duran on the 29th of October, and the 25th of November in Toulouse. You can check these sites for more info:

You can preview my work on soundcloud, there are some tracks

Any plans for the future you want to announce here…?
Some projects but nothing sure for now. I just can say that it will be great.
How about some namedropping, do you want to recommend some artists that inspire you?
I am inspired by a lot of styles, not only hard electronic. I am interested when artists try something different, with sound exploration and ambience. Such as Vaetxh, Roots Manuva, Mike Patton, Bjork, Mount Kimbie, The Mars Volta, Techdiff, Igorrr, Krumble, Subjex, Baconhead, Squarepusher, Flying Lotus, Hidden Orchestra
Thx Ruby My Dear!

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