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This is a nice compilation by artist recordings , an independent? net label based in London including 7 nice drum n bass and dubstep tracks by various artists. Apparently as We are used to do every  Thursday at this blog , all the tracks are free to download. Most of the tracks in this release are rather melodic and good  tunes for the dancefloor , this is a good reason for me to make a new mixtape including some of them. This is actually one of the best drum n bass free downloads posts I ever did so far , therefore I recommend you to give  those tracks a change.

I would especially like to remark (from the first cloud)  the track 7 , a cool dubstep tune with gorgeous melodic samples and lyrics as well as the track 2 which is a drum n bass , close to the liquid atmospheric stuff.

Furthermore I dont know much this label , it seems that releases tracks regularly , offering artists an opportunity to get some publicity? this is at least what I got by reading their description on soundcloud. Certainly drum n bass in our days is outdated and apart from those super commercial releases such as Camo and Krooked or either Chase and Status  , its hard to find cool free tunes online? You may noticed that part of our efforts at this blog is to discover and find non popular cool electronic music and as We constantly mention , you re always welcome to send us your stuff. 

and the bonus

4 thoughts on “free downloads – Artist recordings

  1. yeah indeed this artist recording is releasing rather impressive stuff , i will post more of them in the future

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