Marusha radio show back to 1991 collection

As I promised to a handful of readers of the shituationist institute who follow me on facebook , I was about to post something really special today , celebrating the 3rd year old birthday of this blog. I realized recently that the new generation of ravers and contemporary music followers in some point totally ignore the past years of the scene. Therefore i have  searched and found few exclusive radio shows on the berlin radio in the beginning of the 90s named dancehall by the well known to older generation of ravers “Marusha”.

Marusha remains in my opinion part of the essential times of the rave explosion , her name will remain connected with the years of rave counter-commodity culture , temporary liberated zones and certainly with the Love Parade. Unfortunately You cant download the files besides the last one which is only 8 min, but  you can probably find something by searching on the web. cheers

Dancehall-Sendung at 23.11.1991  DT64 with Marusha … and DJ Dick.


Dancehall” Sendung  at 9. November 1991 with Marusha and Blake Baxter zu Gast im Studio.  Release date: Nov 9, 1991


dancehall with Marusha and nightmares on wax 05.10.1991


dj Daytuna (radio show rave satelite with marusha

free download



2 thoughts on “Marusha radio show back to 1991 collection

  1. yeah actually i was searching for old radio shows and dj sets .. the next time i will post some oldskool acid mixes 😀

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