Featured artists: Markoira

Today at the shituationist institute blog, we feature one of our friends, contributor on this blog named Markoira  recently based in Athens (after living in London for many years). As interdisciplinary artist has always something different to get involved in.
Markoira (a.k.a Maria Konstantines Araka) is a video and performance artist initially trained as an actress and then advanced to the contemporary performance practices.She likes to explore the relationships and possibilities of the new digital media within her live work whilst she is happy to create video art pieces in their own right.
The activity of the new technology,interactivity, film, electronic music and conceptual photography play a vital role to her performances and video installations.What fascinates her is to observe and record rituals and practices of everyday life in different cultures and social contexts. She is specialized in site-specific productions and projects by using different disciplines in order to express her emotions and ideas. She was born in Athens-lives and works here, there and everywhere.
Bellow you can have a look at her previous work and projects
Video- documentation from the video-installation-(camera Valmar Kass):
Mary’s Video Channels-the video :
Interview to the ‘Accidental TV’ for Mary’s Video Room- May 2010
Concept:Maria Konstantines Araka (a.k.a Markoira)
Video-Installation, Performance: Maria Konstantines Araka
Video Courtesy:M.KAraka
Interview: Valmar Kass (head of the Accidental TV,London)
Camera: Valmar kass

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