Free Downloads: Legowelt-The Teac Life

Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt has been producing music since the early 90s & has released most of it on vinyl, on Hague’s ‘Bunker Records’. Nowadays, he runs ‘Strange Life Records’ which is also based in Hague. He describes his musical style as ‘a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house,romantic ghetto technofunk and Eurohorror Soundtrack’. While we’re on it you should check  some of his classic releases such as: ‘Klaus Kinski'(2002),’Disco Rout'(2002),’Dark Days'(2004) & ‘Beyond the Congo'(2005). He offers his latest album for free(!) & as he states on his website any donation would be appreciated  so he can buy more crap synthesizers & repair his Roland Juno 106 which stopped working during the recording of this album!

You can download his album simply by scrolling down the bottom of his official webpage :

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