drum n bass releases 2011 a shituationist institute highlights report

This is a feature concerning the best 5 (or what I consider) drum n bass releases , which I have presented at this blog the last year. As we do every year in December at the shituationist institute blog , we evaluate , feature our highlights. It would be great to send us your comments and mention some cool releases who probably are missing from this post. As usual there is no specific order of the following  presented releases.

Blu Mar Ten – Love is the Devil album released lately (October 2011). You can read my review here 

A new EP by Metalheadz has released last September , including 4 tracks .The tracks are a new collaboration of Rido and Hybris. More information here

Planet Bass EP by Abuv released by Fully Submerged Records . More info for this release here

Calibre – Hummer EP on Samurai music. More info for this release here 

Tantrum desire runaway Ep on tecnique recordings. More info for this release here

ps: With no doubt , there are several great releases this years which I didnt have time to write something about. Therefore I would be very amazed if you contribute your suggestions for the 2011 highlights, especially regarding full album releases.  

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