special mix editions: af_t – the only choise

af_t is a friend part of our local community in AThens and one of our upcoming guest djs at the next shituationist institute party in Athens. The following dj set is rather berghainish and pure techno

Vodpod videos no longer available.

1. Mike Dehnert – Bar2
2. Markus Suckut – Symbiosis
3. Markus Suckut – Parsec
4. Samuli Kemppi – Complex Numbers
5. Martyn ft. Spaceape – Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock mix)
6. Milton Bradley – Minus 126 In Berlin
7. Jichael Mackson – Snuff
8. Lucy & Xhin – LX2
9. Surgeon – Screw The Roses
10. Josh Wink – Have To Get Back (Non Vox version)
11. Reality Or Nothing – Untitled (Silent Servant mix)
12. Silent Servant – Untitled (Regis remix)
13. Jonas Kopp M33
14. Milton Bradley – The Path To Mathematical Truth
15. Visitor aka Mark Broom – Basement Life (Donnacha Costello remix)
16. Kenny Larkin – Catatonic (Fourth State – Stacey Pullen remix)

6 thoughts on “special mix editions: af_t – the only choise

  1. sorry but i absolutely disapprove of the using of such formulations like “berghainish” and “pure techno” on this blog. this has nothing to do with the quality of the set or the dj af_t, it is a point only and specifically about your writing! i want to say this in general, this is exactly the kind of thinking and writing about music or art i oppose: mystification and cultureindustrial shematism, spectacle through interchangeable/tradeable images, and these superproblematic terms of immediateness and pureness, I mean COME ON! that is really a problem for A BLOG: to not find any words for good and moving music but using stereotypical PROMO SLANG. the two things you wrote are really the worst combination of this I can imagine, and you do neither this blog nor the set any good by this.

  2. ok I get your harsh critisism and more or les I agree with the main conclusion. The problem has two scales. The first is how the people here described the set already before I posted it on the blog and the second the lack of time to write few lines to describe properly what I think (even to listen to it a second time). This is actually the main problem of this blog lately. Instead of proper articles and extend critiques, we are falling into a party promo blog. An other thing could be how the greek techno scene has fabulised those formulations somehow is an essential reflection of what is happing to the social as well political scale in the country. Sorry for my lack of critique and non proper language. I will remove the comments with the promise (even if i have no time lately as well) to keep writing more extensive articles (included to the posts). see ya

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