Featured artists by shituationist institute special edition 2011

The year 2011 was for us a new experimental effort concerning the improvement of this blog.Earlier, last year we have started a new special edition on the blog, featuring impressive artists, djs and beyond. Some of them are good friends already,  involved also with the few events we organized this year as shituationist institute and AKNE in Berlin. Artists and djs such as Marx Trukker and Zweifuss are not missing from this brief year’s evaluation post regarding the artists interviewed etc by us.

Many times people used the word “Berlin-centrism” to describe this blog, which is definitely not true. Besides our interest and involvement with the local Berlin artist-sphere, shituationist institute has friends and contributors worldwide or just lets say – at the occidental part of this world. Good references on this , our friends from Melbourne – Australia (Dysphemic) , Mr Feathers from Miami – US , Anklepants from Australia (relocated in London) , Robot for Brains from London UK. Since a year now , our new contributor from London MNanotek , covered , reported and interviewed – was at couple of great events in London and UK in general as well as established new contacts with some very good artists from the UK.

The artist features made by us this year were 9 plus 1. 9 interviews and artist features plus 1 made by me , in memory of a great artist of the electronic music explosion in the 80s who died early in the middle 90s. Im writing of course for one of my favorite artists ever: Armando Galop. You can read the features by following the links at the list bellow. As always there is no specific order on this list. It would be very nice , the artists featured at this post to comment and express their thoughts , evaluate or whatever ..

Reecard Farche “Anklepants”  (London UK) by Fancypunk

an interview with Marx Trukker  (Berlin) by Fancypunk

Interview: Robot For Brains (London UK) by Nanotek

 interview Zweifuss (Berlin) by Fancypunk

interview with Local suicide (Berlin – Thessaloniki) by Fancypunk

interview with Vj Shoken (Gidon Schocken) (Tel Aviv Israel) by Markoira

Interview : Mr.Feathers (Miami USA) by Nanotek

interview with Ruby My Dear (Paris France) by Fancypunk

Eike Wesenberg interview (Berlin)  by individualusername

and the artist feature in memory of Armando Gallop for the 15 years after his death by Fancypunk

3 thoughts on “Featured artists by shituationist institute special edition 2011

  1. thank you both.. and definitely keep in touch for more collaborations and great music .. keep up the good work

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