10 most viewed posts of the shituationist blog for 2011

This is our annual report concerning the 10 most viewed posts of this blog according the insight statistics. We would like to thanks everyone who followed this blog for one more year.. It seems that we are keep going with new fresh ideas , features as well as new releases and dj sets. The shituationist institute is a open horizontal process for everyone who would like to contribute. Feel free to send us all you got and contact us regularly.

1)  record reviews: Chase and Status – more than a lot 2227 views

2) Thessaloniki on the Rocks! A shituationist city guide  555 views

3) featured artists: Zweifuss 415 views

4) Featured artists + interview : Reecard Farche “Anklepants”  409 views

5) Shelter 23 Opening – Vilka Area Thessaloniki 24.-26. Sept. 407 views

6) an interview with Marx Trukker 385 views

7) Interview: Robot For Brains 310 views

8) special mix editions 021: oh shit! by local suicide 293 views

9) a shituationist report from our long party weekend in the beginning of the month part 1 (report by Fancypunk) 276 views

10)rare pictures of the berghain club architecture 273views

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