SexyKapitalismus @ frs99.2 Teenage: The days when drugs weren’t available 24/7.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

SexyKapitalismus is a radio live show from Stuttgart. This cloudcast is something that you re not used from this blog lately. Some very popular german communist songs as well as some punk and tracks from back in the days of world war  2?or just a bit after? mixed with pop songs etc.. I m not in the position to know the concept and the people behind SexyKapitalismus, but from what I see, gives me a strong positive immpresion.

120114:5pm – SexyKapitalismus @ frs99.2

Teenage: The days when drugs weren’t available 24/7.

judy garland – in-between /
vassar g stringers – communist /
kpd/ml – wer geht voran /
mike russo – agnes the teenage russian spy /
werner hass – wenn der wind weht /
rita pavone – mit siebzehn soll man nicht weinen /
alexandra gorelik – shein bin ich, shein /
really red – i was a teenage fuckedup /
toxoplasma – teenage frust /
knarf rellöm – soulpunk /
juliane werding – fünfzehn ist ein undankbares alter /
billy childish – rusty hook /
the blues brothers – sink the bismarck /
the stooges – no fun /
thomas fritsch – es ist gar nicht so leicht, erwachsen zu sein /
sheb wooley – the love in /
fdj – wir lieben das fröhliche leben /
they might be giants – minimum wage /
adamo – zigeuner ziehen vorbei /
torero band – can’t buy me love /
barry louis polisar – mom said “no”, i said “why?” /
my bubba & me – fuck the pain away /
johnny cash – ballad of a teenage queen /
die aeronauten – wegen dir /
billy bragg – to have and to have not /


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