free downloads: artist recordings EP part 1

This is an other release by Artist recordings that I can’t find many reasons to complain about. 4 tracks by GeneticBrosOverextended (Viper Rec,TalkinBeatz,Artist Recordings),Indivision Evolution (Beta/Toolroom/Have-A-Break Recordings/Climate),Subsonik – feat.EssenceInside Your Mind (Subsonik Sound Recordings),Prestige & Nik ItchNo Exit – (GRID Recordings are included to this first part of Artist recordings EP with official release date January the 23rd. Dreamy vocals, melodies combined with powerfull breaks designed for the dancefloor, seems to be the clear direction proposed by artist recordings. As we also mentioned few months ago in previous review concerning artist recording release, the background as well as the reasoning of the label does not seem so bad. I dare say is somewhat progressive in our days and this is because its efforts of trying to mobilize new artists to show their work and spread quickly new impressive tunes. So it is worth your attention. You can download it for free by following the link with the instructions at here

an audio preview on soundcloud here



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