a message in memory of Theo Angelopoulos 1935 – 2012

Theodoros Angelopoulos is not with us anymore. He died this week after a road accident, which is still under investigation by the Greek Authorities.  Theo Angelopoulos was born in Athens in 1935. After studying law, he attended courses at (the French school of cinema) “L’IDHEC” and then grew close to Jean Rouch. Im totally shocked since his death. With no doubt Angelopoulos is my favorite film director. The way who was film shooting or presented scenes in his movies was very unique and recognizable globally. His personality was eccentric and special, the same with his radical “political” background ideas even though were not as obvious as other film directors in history. Eternity and a day, dust of time (the latest film of Angelopoulos) and many others like Reconstruction (his first film) are only few films of the huge and very important contribution of Angelopoulos in the international cinematography. For his full bio, list of films and awards you may read this wikipedia article here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodoros_Angelopoulos

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