interview with the Siberian artist “Aleph”

I have discovered his music recently after exchange couple of emails with King Deluxe label from Canada.His music style is very inspiring and kicking, the passage from experimental to something like post dubstep was the first impression i got by listening. After listening his tracks , I immediately wanted to contact him and arrange and interview. His answers to my questions are as excited as his music. Very honest and passionate. We would love in the near future to give space on this blog  more artists from Russian federation. It seems that a wide variety of great artists live and create music there. Enjoy the interview

Q1 Could you tell us something about yourself and your artistic background please.
For most of my life I spent in Omsk. A Siberian city on the border with Kazakhstan. We can not say that the city itself is fantastic, but I’m still happy to come back because I love the people who live there. Despite the fact that the city is not very big and cold, there still is a considerable amount of music and various movements connected with it. In Omsk, it is almost impossible to earn anything with music , because the city itself is industrial.
But people often organize various parties, knowing that they either remain with nothing, or even become more and need the money.
But it does not bother them, since everything is done for the soul, to support musical movement to develop, for the people. I currently live and study in St. Petersburg. This is a large wonderful city in northern Russia with its strong history, with buildings preserved 18th century and the center of the city resembles a European city. St. Petersburg is called the second capital, cultural capital, so there a lot of different clubs, bars, Festus, events, music, partying, which is very good.

I really do not remember a time when I’m not involved in music. When I was five, I went to music school to play violin and played for 9 years.
In parallel, I had difficulties to create different groups, but I was extremely lively in music. In Omsk I had a progressive methyl team, we have been giving concerts, recorded in the studio and for me it’s the happiest time of my youth. I had a desire to play on anything that came to hand, so at the house had a lot of guitars, keyboards, I was doing vocals. Now left only one drum set, and when I come back from time to time in Omsk, spend two to
three hours at least to play with the drums. I dream in the future to record a full album with live instruments and electronics, build my own ensemble.

I started producing electronic music two years ago, one of my friends showed me a couple of music programs and I began to write without stopping.

Q2 Do you work on your own, what collaborations do you participate in (label, musical partners, etc)?

I have already issued two releases on King Deluxe, I really like this label and music, which is published there. Now I’m busy for the
release of Lowriders. Another is preparing an album of remixes by King Deluxe. But while I can not tell you any exact dates, or that it will be. I think it will be a surprise. Just a lot of different ideas about free collections with my music and my friends’ music, I like my musical entourage. I think a lot of my friends whose music does not go beyond the borders of their native region, deserve attention, especially since in Omsk people write very specific to music, especially outside of any style, and regardless of fashion trends.

Q3 Something you want to share about your local scene, some insights or recommendations?

In St. Petersburg, a lot of really talented people. Name all of them is very difficult, because I do not want anyone to lose sight of, and if you name them all, you get a very long list. Here, there is  very interesting dubstep, and techno as well, instrumental hip-hop, beats, juke. There is nothing that would not have been in St. Petersburg. The same music I am inspired by my friends here. But in Russia, a lot of music is not only in the pivot cities. Across Russia, I like music such as Possible Adress, Damscray, Hmot, Vntgnike, Esoh. But since my soul is filled with Omsk sound, i love the music of my friends. Clonki, Sublowjob, Joska, Chioak, Akue. Of course they all have different music styles, but we walked along the path of the study of musical boundaries. Though we have started with what we have with just taken drugs together. A bit ridiculous, but it’s true. Their music is not always understandable from the first time, it requires attention, the `experienced listener. Those guys are not easy.

Q4 What equipment do you use, what is your work process?

In fact, I wrote my first release,  in bad conditions. My very cheap speakers, built-in sound card and a couple of music programs, even without basic midi keyboard. But I have always practiced inventing melodies on the piano and guitar, rhythm on a drum kit, and then just took notes and embodied in the program. But I have a very long time attached no importance to mastering the sound, the sound quality, for me the main thing was that the structure
of melodies, rhythms, no matter what quality. Recently, I have a SP-404, but I’m not writing music with it , too poor functional for me, I like to have fun with it at a party with friends.

Q5 What are your next gigs and where can we preview your works online?

Online – anywhere any time soon. Well, I think will play at some parties in St. Petersburg, but so far the dates are not confirmed. Maybe I will play at a party with Teebs and Samiyam in march. In general, we stably hold a party in Omsk, our crew cold “leftCoast”, Unpretentious name, since we all live on the left bank of the Irtysh River. Recently went on tour to Novosibirsk, also a great city with its own musical movement. I m also invited to play in Romania, but still do not know, probably just go to the end of spring, there are many things that will not let me out of Russia.

Q6 Any plans for the future you want to announce here…?

I want to earn money and travel in Ukraine is a very attractive place for me and it’s very simple to implement. So I’m thinking to go to work to have at least some money in my pocket.

Q7 How about some namedropping, do you want to recommend some artists that inspire you?

It’s no problem! First and foremost I am a fan of Eglo Records. Floating Points, ARP101, I love their music label. For me it is very deep professional real music. Always verify that the release FriendsOfFriends, Rush Hour, Butterz, Melting Pot and Lowriders. Interested in music from S.Maharba,
Randomer, Blawan, Liar, Verktyget and Sui Zhen. As you can see, I listen to a lot of different music and it’s all on me very strongly affected.

– Aleph on soundcloud

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