Shituationist Institute interviews King Deluxe Label (Canada)

Here are some recent updates and a brief presentation of KIng Deluxe label based in Canada. You also may remember the interview with Aleph one of the artists of the label few weeks ago. Today we present an interview with P.K from  King deluxe team, and he tries to give us an idea of what is happening now in Canada and with King Deluxe.!/king__deluxe

SI) Could you tell us something about yourself and your artistic background, please ?

AC) I’m PK.  I come from Old Colony Mennonite stalk, a people that are possibly best known for their achievements in forwarding mankind’s understanding of neural plasticity, and how music can be used to repair damaged brains… in fact it was my great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Joost van den Vondel III that taught Beethoven to hear again.

So the arts run deep in our family, a tradition I will begrudgingly pass on to my half dozen or so children.

SI) Can you briefly describe from an historical point of view how the scene in Canada has developed ?

AC) Hmm… if we’re speaking strictly electronic music… well unfortunately we as a nation put our smart money behind Tesla, and as your readers well know DC is mostly useless when it comes to audio production, as we’re so effectively handcuffed by Edison’s lawyers.  In fact it’s only in the past couple of years that we’ve learned to jailbreak Ableton Live and plug it into our backwards power outlets.

Since then though the scene has flourished.  A lot of the productions are very percussive and based on the old analog Inuit raves… picture hairy young men in toques and ice skates circling with midi-fitted whalebone instruments of their own designs.  But there’s all sorts of exciting offshoots that are almost wholly digital and have very little animal carcass involvement, if any.  Such as Saskatchewan born dance duo Horton, tough to describe their sound, kind of a holy marriage of Matmos, Merzbow and a loon in heat.  Original stuff, truly Canadian.

SI) Can you briefly describe what is King Deluxe and how it started ?

AC) King Deluxe is a social club for wealthy mennonite elite & friends.  The music is created to occupy meditation and deliberation.  Our main source of income is actually royalties from licensing these tracks to the house and senate for similar purposes.

AC) Can you tell (inform) us about future plans and releases by King Deluxe ?

AC) Evy Jane is having a bake sale.  Calvin Cardioid is planning to circumnavigate the globe in 79 days, armed with just a hot-air ballon, filled with maple syrup and dreams… Alphabets Heaven, Fancy Mike, Muta and Option Command have all built bear-sized battle robots as per my instructions, although purely as a defensive measure. King Deluxe HQ is not to be trifled with.  Aleph I believe has entered cryogenic sleep.  I personally will be spending the summer planting trees and researching an audiofilm based in the year 2999.  Which will be released well before then, in 2013.

SI) What about the clubs in Canada, any great venues to recommend here ?

AC) Here’s a typical Canadian party situation… fifty of us hiking 2500m over a glacier and down into the Shangra-La Basin.  Four crystal blue lakes surrounded by alpine meadows, a helicopter will fly in a wide array of exotic instruments, three days of gourmet camp food and homemade ice cider.  All acoustic, round a campfire.  August 10th?

SI) Perhaps the question sounds a bit funny to someone who lives in Canada, but in Europe many of us are curious what could be the differences, if there are any, among the francophone and the english. Does this topic effect the cultural and music scene of Canada; specifically in the contemporary electronic music scene ?

AC) It doesn’t affect our lives much.  Mostly due to the Good Wall our fathers built along the Quebec border back in the 70’s.  It’s a shame though, I’ve heard great things about the Montreal scene.

SI) How about some namedropping, do you want to recommend some artists that you consider representative in the contemporary Canadian electronic music scene ?

AC)Venetian Snares, Kid Koala, Caribou, Montag, Chromeo, Tiga, Botnek, Grimes, Hovatron, Knowing Looks, Poirier, Egyptrixx, Jacques Greene, Lunice, Evy Jane, Calvin Cardioid, Woulg, Limbo, Longwalkshortdock, The Original Uptown Parlour Orchestra, Taal Mala, Max Ulis, Michael Red, HxdB, Kir Mokum, Daiga Sound System, The Librarian, Secret Mommy, WNY, Rosso Corsa, Pirahna Pirahna, The Passenger, Calamalka, Self Evident, Ronin, Prison Garde, Sinjin Hawke, Teen Daze, Joseph Martin, Frank Grimes, Philth Kids, Cure, Eames, Monolithium, XI, Bassmynt, Snug, Ango, The Weeknd, Jokers of the Scene, Bearmod, Bowly, FM Radio Gods, Organ Mood, DJ Brace, Xavier Lubuis, Billy Dalessandro, The Gulf Stream, Purform, Skinnybones, Meek, Hissy Fit, Math Rosen, Comaduster, Tomas Jirku, Ango, Richie Hawtin, Ruairi Lazers, Subvert, Marcus Visionary, Knight Riderz, Homebreakin, Groj, Babe Rainbow, Azari & III, Milt Mortez, Steely Chan, I think that’s it.  These are all just various incarnations of the same 5 people.  Ask me again in a year though.

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