shituationist institute highlights: best blogs/websites of 2011

We would like to thanks all of those people who voted for the shituationist institute as the best blog of the year. Your support means a lot to us as well as giving us courage and motivation to keep going with this little blog, Nonetheless we dont like to mention ourselves on the top 5 list. THe reasons are obvious. We dont really feel that we deserve it. We need to make many changes on the way we write and the content of the blog. Therefore we will mention the rest 5 of the blogs that many people mentioned to us. Thanks to everyone who participated to this.

1) Resident Advisor

RA is without a question the best tool for those who take electronic music seriously and I m very glad that many people mentioned it as the best website of the year. There is nothing more than this to say. RA is well-known to everyone


It is definitely one of the best blogs of electronic music in the world. I love the variety of remarkable mixes and free downloads in this website. It is a highly recommended blog by us indeed.

3) mnml ssg

We have already wrote last year as well as many times here for this amazing blog based in Tokyo with the high quality articles, intellectuality and great mixes.


4) soundcloud

Soundcloud: a great platform for djs and artists

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